William Wilberforce:Freedom Fighter

These books are wonderful, and not just for children (I’ve just finished William Wilberforce) This would be a great re-introduction to reading for adults, as they’re not so simplistic as to be insulting, but also not so wordy and difficult to comprehend as to make them discouraging.  It would also make great family reading, as there are discussion points at the back of the book for each chapter.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story, and it made me realize just how wonderful God was to place William Wilberforce in history at that precise time.  He became instrumental in so many worthy projects; not just the abolition of the slave trade.

His moral character, based on his Christian faith, made a huge impact throughout England, and, by example, likely many other parts of the world as well.  He promoted education and fair treatment for the children and poor; and helped wherever he could.

This book (and the entire series) would make a great addition to any parent’s (or grandparent’s) library, to share with their families.  I highly recommend it.

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  2. Constance,

    Thanks for being a part of the Trailblazers Book Review Extravaganza. We appreciate your kind words about the series.

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