Of Wolves A Lenten Devotion | Mockingbird

Of Wolves and Tax Forms: A Lenten Devotion | Mockingbird.

Wolves – yes, I have them nipping and clawing at my door, too.

All the thoughts that run through my head about things I’ve done; things I should have done; things I’ve left undone.

Recently, decisions made by my spouse to which I gave acquiescence have caused me some grief. It wasn’t until I was out walking the dog, and talking it through with the Lord that I realized I was obsessing over earthly things, which He could replace if they were a necessary part of my existence on earth.

I’m learning day by day that my upbringing in various churches that taught me that I am worthy of all this wealth on earth has tainted my view of not only my life here, but especially the Lord, and His provisions.

Dear Father, protect me from myself and the heresies and selfishness of wanting everything here and now, and moaning and griping when I think someone has taken advantage of me. All I am and have is from You. Why am I creating my own idol of my own goals, instead of looking to You, and acknowledging that You alone are the origin of everything – including my next breath?

I thank You, Father, for bringing good, Biblical teachers across my path by way of the Internet, as the churches in the area are still preaching law, immediate prosperity, and social gospel. I pray for the congregants who don’t know You and Your grace in their lives.


About C.M. Cole

Christian wife & mother. Striving to continually learn and share with others.
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